Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Night Football

What's wrong with Monday Night Football? Last time I checked, teams like the Dolphins and Rams were getting some national TV air time. Tonight's game is between Baltimore and Jacksonville. Jacksonville, really?? Tell me someone besides a Ravens or Jaguars fan who would watch this game if it were on a Sunday. The only reason someone would watch this game is because it is on Monday night; it's that much of a guaranteed win for the Ravens. People, we are getting ripped off. Instead of these blowout victories, we could be watching some great games, like the Detroit-San Francisco game two weeks ago, or the New York-Dallas game from week 1.

My point here is that ESPN picks the MNF games before the season even starts. They have no idea which teams are going to be contenders and which games are going to be interesting. With the exception of the Lions-Bears and perhaps the Cowboys-Redskins game, every single game has featured one elite or above-average team against one bottom-dwelling team. New England versus Miami? Miami is atrocious. Oakland and Denver? Denver is so desperate that they are starting Tim Tebow (that's a whole 'nother story)! Giants and Rams? The Rams haven't won a game yet. You get the point. None of these games have even been intriguing. The Dolphins have already been featured twice, and they haven't won a game!

ESPN should decide which game to broadcast on Monday night based on the quality of the matchup, on a week-to-week basis. They should do it similar to how they choose which baseball games to show. The reason they always show the Red Sox and Yankees: they Sox and Yanks are always contenders. You don't see the Royals vs. Mariners very Wednesday because the Royals and Mariners are pathetic. Reward teams for their performance by showing relevant games on Monday night.

Of the 10 MNF games remaining, maybe 4 look like they might be close. If I could reschedule the MNF lineup while retaining NFL matchups and trying to balance out the teams featured, this is what it would look like:

Week 8: New England at Pittsburgh
Week 9: Green Bay at San Diego
Week 10: Houston at Tampa Bay
Week 11: Carolina at Detroit
Week 12: San Francisco at Baltimore
Week 13: Detroit at New Orleans
Week 14: Oakland at Green Bay
Week 15: NY Jets at Philadelphia
Week 16: Atlanta at New Orleans
Week 17: no Monday night game

There, that's a series of games with relevant teams that people actually want to watch. Each game has intrigue and interest. People would enjoy watching these games rather than seeing the Colts struggle to complete a pass.

You're welcome, ESPN. Now please, for everybody's sake, do something about these games.

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