Monday, January 14, 2013

Ode to Kaep

I haven't posted in a long while, so I apologize. I've been extremely busy, and the blog will definitely return to full swing by this summer.

But, regardless of how busy I am, there is no way I can ignore the performance that Colin Kaepernick put up on Saturday against the Packers. It was simply phenomenal.

From the start, when Jim Harbaugh switched QBs, I was a Kaepernick skeptic. I honestly preferred Alex Smith. I preferred his cautiousness and consistency over Kaepernick's daring and volatility. Alex Smith is not a bad quarterback. He can make the necessary throws, and occasionally can even scramble effectively.But now, my eyes have been opened: Kaep can do all that - and more.

Colin's performance last Saturday was powerful, to say the least. I remember the beginning, when he threw that ill-advised interception to Sam Shields. I was watching the end of the Ravens-Broncos game while keeping an eye on the start of the Niners' game. And as soon as he threw that pick, my immediate reaction was, "Alex Smith wouldn't do that." I was worried.