Monday, January 14, 2013

Ode to Kaep

I haven't posted in a long while, so I apologize. I've been extremely busy, and the blog will definitely return to full swing by this summer.

But, regardless of how busy I am, there is no way I can ignore the performance that Colin Kaepernick put up on Saturday against the Packers. It was simply phenomenal.

From the start, when Jim Harbaugh switched QBs, I was a Kaepernick skeptic. I honestly preferred Alex Smith. I preferred his cautiousness and consistency over Kaepernick's daring and volatility. Alex Smith is not a bad quarterback. He can make the necessary throws, and occasionally can even scramble effectively.But now, my eyes have been opened: Kaep can do all that - and more.

Colin's performance last Saturday was powerful, to say the least. I remember the beginning, when he threw that ill-advised interception to Sam Shields. I was watching the end of the Ravens-Broncos game while keeping an eye on the start of the Niners' game. And as soon as he threw that pick, my immediate reaction was, "Alex Smith wouldn't do that." I was worried.

But then the Ravens game ended and I began to actually watch the Niners game midway through the first quarter. I realized that the interception was not actually indicative of the game.Kaep had already made amends for that. In a big way.

Simply stated, Kaep was on fire. He was making all the throws in all the tight windows. He throws the ball as fast as a rocket launcher would propel it, but with a perfect spiral and impeccable accuracy. It was a beauty to watch. It was like a pattern: Packers' blitz arrives, offensive line holds strong for some time, then the line caves in slightly, fan gets a little worried about the possibility of a sack, and then, before anyone realizes, Kaep has already zipped the ball to Crabtree or some other receiver or tight end for at least a 10 yard gain. It legitimately felt as if every time the Niners were in a difficult down and distance situation, Kaep delivered a pinpoint laser to a wide-open receiver for the first down.

And I haven't even begun raving about his running ability. My dad described it as a gazelle racing across the African plains being pursued by lions. And that is what it looked like. The Packers defenders were simply no match for the long strides of Colin Kaepernick. He executed the read-option perfectly, handing it off to Gore when necessary, and keeping it to himself if the defender overcommitted to the RB. It was a perfect combination of the decision-making prowess of a succcessful CEO with the unmatched athleticism of a world-class sprinter. It was jaw-dropping to watch.

With this immaculate performance, Kaep secured his position in 49ers lore forever.

He also left me thinking, "Alex Smith couldn't do that."

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