Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Niners Dodge a Bullet

In the end, the best course of events happened for the San Francisco 49ers. They signed Alex Smith. That was what they were expected to do after last season, and that is the direction they'll be heading in 2012.

I have to admit, I really wanted Peyton Manning. When word came out that the 49ers were one of the three finalists for Peyton, everyone instantly labeled them the favorites because they had the best team out of the contenders. But when Peyton signed with Broncos yesterday, 49ers nation nearly suffocated. Alex Smith was visiting the Miami Dolphins. we had just been spurned by the Great One himself, Peyton Manning. We were going to have to start Colin Kaepernick. After losing out on Manning and considering our interesting but dangerous situation, I think any fan would've been happy with Alex Smith.

And the 49ers dodged a bullet today when they officially announced the signing of Alex. I am overjoyed that he came back. Which is not something you normally say when a just-about-average QB with one good season under his belt resigns with your team for $8 million a year.

The fact of the matter is, the 49ers risked a lot to go for Manning. They risked losing the most stable quarterback situation that they've had since Jeff Garcia left town. If Manning had come to San Francisco, everything would've been fine. As long as Harbaugh and Manning got along and were able to compromise when it came to control of the offense, the team would've been instant Super Bowl favorites. Instead, Peyton chose the Denver Broncos. And we were left scrambling.

Our options at QB were limited. Alex Smith was apparently disgruntled and seriously interested in the QB job at Miami. Josh Johnson seemed like our best option. In other words, we were screwed.

So, I think it's the duty of all 49ers fans to say thank you to Alex Smith for coming back. Because, the fact of the matter is that he was destined to be our quarterback ever since the end of last season. Flirting with Manning was a terrible idea. We had a lot to lose in that situation. We never should have done it. Even though we all wanted Peyton Manning so badly, we never should have tried to get him. We had a lot to gain, but even more to lose.

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