Monday, March 5, 2012


It's alright, guys, we made it through February. The most uneventful month of the sports calendar is over. After the NFL season ends and before March Madness starts, we as sports fans have got nothing. 2012's edition of February brought us Jeremy Lin.... and that's about it as far as intrigue in the month of February. But here, in March, it all starts over again for a whole 'nother year of sports.

The headliner of course is the NCAA tournament. After the conference championships conclude this week, the NCAA selection committee will get together this Sunday (selection Sunday) and pick the teams for this year's bracket. We've already seen some great games so far this championship week, including Tennessee St vs. Murray St, Creighton vs. Illinois St, and the one I watched today: St. Mary's over Gonzaga.

I love the NCAA Tournament. It is the single greatest sporting event in the world. I love rooting for Cinderellas, watching multiple games on my laptop, TV, desktop, and smartphone simultaneously, and seeing heroes emerge after slaying a villain. I love filling out my bracket and watching none of my predictions hold up, yet still I fill one out every year on paper and hang it up on my fridge. Within 10 minutes after every game, I update it, green if I predicted it right, red if I didn't. I love doing that. Every year, one of my Final Four teams goes down in the round of 16. Every year, the actual Cinderella is not the Cinderella I picked. Every year, my 5 vs 11 upset doesn't materialize. BUT I STILL DO IT EVERY YEAR  BECAUSE ITS THE MOST FUN THING SPORTS HAS TO OFFER!

There's plenty to enjoy in the sporting world of March. Baseball spring training, the end of the NBA and NHL seasons. But March belongs to college basketball.

Enjoy the tournament and comment with a link to your ESPN bracket  as soon as they are released in the comments section.

Note: This is the first in a March-long coverage of the NCAA basketball tournament. My bracket will be  soon after the committee selects the teams. I will post an analysis after every weekend of the tournament. It should be a lot of fun.

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