Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Beard in Dodger Blue

Oh no. No way. This can't be happening. Brian Wilson to the Dodgers?!?!?!

Our beloved Beard. The one who won us the first World Series in San Francisco history. The closer who won over the hearts of fans everywhere with his quirky, charismatic personality. Even when he wasn't playing, he still kept us entertained and made our Giants fun to watch.

And now he's with the enemy, in that hideous Dodger Blue. Giants fans everywhere, myself included, have no idea how we're going to root against him. But we will. We did it to Juan Uribe and we'll do it to Brian Wilson. We have no choice. He's a Dodger now.

I don't blame him of course for switching sides. It makes sense. The Dodgers are in the playoff hunt. The Giants are not. I'm sure anybody would choose to sign with the Dodgers in this situation.

But it still hurts to see a fan favorite switch allegiances like that. We as Giants fans have so many memories of this guy. I remember his strange spandex suit at the ESPYs. And his shoes controversy where he had to color his shoes with a Sharpie. And that 2010 Giants slogan, "Fear the Beard."

It'll be tough to see Wilson as a Dodger. But at least we can remember all the memories he gave us as Giants fans and not hate him too much. Go Giants!

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