Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dear Melky Cabrera,

You let us down. Big time. You were the heart and soul of this team for literally every game this season.

You captured the hearts of Giants fans everywhere. We changed your first name into all sorts of nicknames in your praise. We dressed up as Melk Men in honor of you. We cheered you on for every game, every at-bat, every moment. We repeatedly checked the stats to make sure your batting average and hits total were still among the league leaders.

We watched as you created many memories for us this season. Most hits in the month of May for a San Francisco Giant. The homer in the All-Star Game that gave you the All-Star Game MVP and capped a historic San Francisco Giant All-Star performance. The numerous multi-hit games that you gave us, day in and day out.

You were the MVP of our team for 117 games. And now, we will miss you for the remaining 45.

We are going to stare into the left field corner and see someone other than you patrolling the outfield. We will stare at the lineup card and see someone other than you penciled in to that No.3 spot. At the end of each win, we will see the outfielders chest bump in center field... and you won't be one of them.

Hopefully, we can get to the postseason without you. Hopefully, Hunter Pence undergoes a reincarnation that turns him into you. Hopefully, Gregor Blanco can immediately get out of his horrendous slump and make up for a part of what we are losing by losing you. Hopefully, Buster Posey and Brandon Belt can keep up their hot streaks. Hopefully, the Panda is truly back and ready to bash some baseballs.

But we can only hope that we make the playoffs now.

If the Giants make the playoffs and you get a chance to return, I am honestly not sure how many of us would welcome you back. You let us down. You could have been a brilliant player even without the added boost. Now, you have shocked a nation, Giants Nation.

But the team must keep going. They must stay strong. The pieces are still there for a World Series, but we just lost one of the biggest ones: you. It will definitely be challenging without you, but I know our team can do it.

Go Giants!!

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