Thursday, July 5, 2012

Throwback Unis

I'm watching the Giants-Nationals game right now and I'm thinking off turning it off because of the hideous throwbacks.

Just kidding, I would never turn off a Giants game. But the uniforms are terrible. The red socks that are a part of the Giants' ensemble clash with the overall gray appearance of the rest of the uni. Furthermore, the white cap shines in stark contrast with the rest of the dull jersey. I don't understand it.

The Nats' jerseys are even worse. They seem totally devoid of color, like they've been bleached or something. the only lettering on the uni is a capital 'W' in what is quite possibly the most boring font ever.

Don't get me wrong, usually I love throwbacks. I cherish the Broncos' yellow and brown uniforms and I do enjoy the Eagles' yellow and blue jerseys. But, there is a line when it comes to baseball throwbacks. And the Giants and Nationals have crossed it.

Baseball uniforms are bland in nature. They are usually white or gray. Occasionally, you get the Yankees' famous pinstripes or the A's white cleats. But mostly, the uniforms are just that, uniform, across the entire league. And they're boring.

But if you think the unis are boring now, you should see what they looked like earlier in this century. Even more boring. Even more devoid of color. And that is why throwbacks in baseball make no sense. Because the uniforms that would be "thrown back" to are even worse than the status quo.

I'm gonna return to watching the game. I can't even tell who's batting, because the uniforms look exactly the same.

Go Giants!

I think they're at bat...

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