Sunday, January 22, 2012

Halftime Thoughts

This game definitely is nothing like last week's. Its a grind-it-out affair in terrible weather. The 49ers look completely dysfunctional on offense right now, except for that 73 yard touchdown pass to Vernon Davis. Alex Smith is 2-for-7 and needs to pick up the pace. The defense is playing fine as a whole, but the secondary must cover better, simply put. Victor Cruz is running amok all over the field and accumulating plenty of yards after catch.

Overall, the 49ers should be happy that they're only behind by 3. The Giants will get the ball first in the second half and the 49ers defense must hold strong in order to give the offense a chance. This game looks like it will come down to a key turnover. Someone will eventually have to score in order to secure this game. I'm revved up for the second half of this one for sure despite the gloomy day.

Go 49ers!

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