Sunday, December 18, 2011

NCAA Bowl Season

As you probably know if you read any of my previous blogs, I love college football. There are so many historic teams and intense rivals and unpredictable plays that happen throughout the entire regular seasons. Little unknown teams upset major programs each week. Conference rivals clash weekly for conference supremacy and the chance to play for the national championship at the end of the season. One game can ruin a season, one small mistake can blemish an entire resume.

The entire season culminates in a long, 3 week postseason, consisting of 35 bowl games across the country, some with lots of history and national prestige, others with relatively unknown sponsors pitting relatively unknown teams against one another.

I'm not one to rant against the BCS. For the most part, it is a system that places a heavy emphasis on the regular season, which I don't really mind. I like the bowl season. It is an enjoyable 3 weeks of college football that I get to immerse myself into for the holidays. I would never half watched a San Diego State-Louisiana Lafayette game had it not been for the R&L Carriers New Orleans Bowl yesterday night. Bowls give the small mid-major teams national exposure and many times these games are actually fun to watch. I never knew ULL could air it out until they showed me yesterday that they had that in their offense.

My only problem with the bowls are the sponsors. Sometimes the names of these bowls are downright horrible. Beef o Brady's Bowl? Ew. Who wants to play in the Beef o Brady's Bowl? The Belk Bowl has a terrible name too. What's a Belk? The Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl is for a good cause but its name is not great. The Fight Hunger Bowl has no ring to it at all. If I could rename all the bowls this season, with appropriate sponsor names, here's what it would look like:

National Park Service Cactus Bowl
Famous Idaho Potato Bowl
Popeyes Gumbo Bowl
Disney St. Petersburg Bowl
Qualcomm Poinsettia Bowl
MGM Blackjack Bowl
Dole Pineapple Bowl
Ross Independence Bowl
Ford Motor Bowl
Goodyear Tar Bowl
Boieng Military Bowl
SeaWorld Holiday Bowl
Sports Authority Sports Bowl
Valero Alamo Bowl
Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl
New Era Pinstripe
Gibson Music City Bowl
Insight Bowl
Star Micronics Texas Bowl
Sun Bowl presented by Sun Chips
Universal Records Elvis Bowl
IBM Silicon Bowl
Ocean Spray Peach Bowl
McDonalds Lasso Bowl
Outback Bowl presented by Outback Steakhouse
Tropicana Citrus Bowl
Gatorade Gator Bowl
Rose Bowl Game presented by Vizio
Tostitos Fiesta Bowl
Allstate Sugar Bowl
Discover Orange Bowl
AT&T Cotton Bowl
Apple iPad Compass Bowl
Dixie Bowl - presented by Dixie
BCS National Championship

There, now all the bowls are named correctly and we can finally enjoy them without worrying about choosing between Beef or Brady.

Enjoy the college football bowl season.

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