Sunday, September 4, 2011

To my beloved San Francisco Giants...

I'm sorry. I'm sorry it didn't work out this year. This year was just not meant to be the year. You couldn't replicate last year's magical run. I'm sorry.

Ever since that momentous Wednesday in May where your star catcher, Buster Posey, was severely injured in a home plate collision, the future has looked bleak. But you hung on, sticking with your plan of great pitching and just enough hitting and were able to remain in the thick of things for a while. But now, I declare it over. There is no hope. Losing that series against the Diamondbacks was the final straw. You are 7 games out with 22 games left to play, and Arizona shows no signs of relenting.

Sometimes luck plays a huge part in determining a team's fate and that is the story this year. Injuries have devastated the roster. Posey suffered a season-ending leg injury. Freddy Sanchez, your most consistent hitter this season, dislocated his shoulder in June. Pablo Sandoval missed four weeks in April with a broken hamate bone. Barry Zito and Jonathan Sanchez both have gone through injury-plagued seasons, hurting the rotation's overall effectiveness. Carlos Beltran, the man who was supposed to save the season, felt the wrath of the Giants' injury curse as well, injuring his hand shortly after joining you and missing a couple weeks.

And who could forget the toll that injuries took on your top notch bullpen. Brian Wilson, Sergio
Romo, and Santiago Casilla all have had to deal with injuries this season. The bullpen just hasn't been able to stay healthy the last few weeks and it has cost the team.

Bruce Bochy hasn't had a complete roster since early May. Our offense was already bleak and these injuries have not helped. The pitching took a step in the wrong direction this year. Not a lot went right. It isn't your fault, but really, you never had a chance.

So I'm sorry, Giants, but the season is over. Arizona has won the division and there's nothing else to it. It just wasn't meant to be the year.

I thank you for all the blood, sweat, and tears (and home plate collisions) that you've put into this season and I look forward to a World Series victory in 2012. Go Giants!

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